Family Stuttering Program
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Father of a son age 5
Thanks for including us. I am glad to see this information on the web since your program is different than the standard stuttering therapy.

Parents of a son in 4th grade
Our son had been enrolled in a traditional speech therapy program since beginning kindergarten. The activities he completed in this setting never addressed his issue, which was stuttering. He was pulled from the classroom for 30 min. two times a week and never made any progress. The older he became, the worse the problem was for him to deal with. The moment we met with Dr. Mallard during his second grade year we all had hope. For the first time we felt we were actually working with someone that would make a difference for our son.

     The initial meeting set the stage for how important each family member's role would be in this process. Working closely with Dr. Mallard and our son's teachers played a key roll in him beginning to feel comfortable about speaking in front of others, answering questions in class, and talking with friends and family. We used problem solving so he could decide good ways to handle difficult moments with his speech.  This process has proved to be so valuable for him in many different areas of his life. Our son's self confidence has soared.  He is now in the fourth grade and still deals with moments of stuttering.  But, the key thing to us is that he does deal with it. Stuttering is no longer controlling his life.

Parents of son age 10
We are really blessed to have found a clinician that our family feels comfortable with.  We feel welcomed every time we walk into his office. Our son looks forward to his meetings. We know that Dr. Mallard is committed to help our son feel comfortable every time he speaks.
Mother of son age 2, now 17
My seventeen year old son was two when his stuttering first appeared. It was so severe he could not get a word out. The speech pathologist knew of a new program offered by Dr. Mallard, working with preschool children and their families. I was desperate for any help. We met weekly throughout the summer on our backyard deck. We learned how not to panic. We were given tools to use instead of worry. What a gift Dr. Mallard gave to us. Now, at seventeen, there are absolutely no signs of stuttering in Daniel. We are forever indebted to Dr. Mallard for helping us with Daniel's stuttering and teaching us to help him through the whole family.

Mother of son age 13

While my son was in a traditional speech therapy session, the therapist would walk him out to the waiting room to tell me how well he did in therapy. As soon as we got in the car to drive home, he had a very difficult time speaking. I remember many times feeling helpless (because I did not know how to help him) and hopeless (because he never improved). He could not transfer the skills that he learned in speech therapy to everyday conversation. Dr. Mallard helped us shift our thinking from finding a "cure" to gaining ownership of this process as a family. As our son is now 13 and in middle school, we are truly amazed at how he controls his speech when it really counts for him (friends, girls, teachers, telephone). I am very proud of his progress.

Parents of daughter age 11
When we first contacted Dr. Mallard, we were at a point of desperation. We had been through several programs at major universities, our local school, and nothing had helped our daughter with her stuttering problem. Dr. Mallard taught our family how to help her. Chelsea is now a senior in high school and has made a complete transformation as far as her personality and courage to try new things, something at one point in her life would have been practically impossible for her.

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